The artist


The artist is born in the very heart of Touraine, next to the Loire.

His first real encounter with art was adolescent, when the music teacher asked him to translate "L'apprenti sorcier" of Paul Dukas into a painting. The movment and the graphics. The wonder...

Painting, self educated with initial training in management organization, management hotel-restaurant. Was followed by course of covering introductory techniques and artistic leisure at the beaux arts of Caen. Lectures and praticals in parisian workshops with confirmed artists. Alongside a lengthy collaboration with an international group of specialist presss. Being in charge of a creative media departement. Creation, management, animation of workshops lounge art gallery, literary and artistic coffe.

The conversation with canevas, inspirate by the temper of the day, modify by the emotion of next days. The work becomes the feeling of the present moment over the present time spent.

The color drown with impetuosity. Blend with smoothness. Transforme in the undiscovered world. Figure of disfigure. Absorbe the human value. Break the restraint, the taboo and the handicap. Harden with character to make out and becomes itself. The look of the artist. The wink to the public.